the Woodbridge Irrigation Canal

wb canal

Pictured in the banner above is a north/north west view of the Woodbridge Irrigational Canal near the intersection of West Lodi Avenue and Lower Sacramento Road. The canal was origionally named “the ditch”. The picture below is from a postcard showing how it appeared in November 25, 1896. That is the actual date of the encounter with the Aliens. To the South is Raley’s Shopping Center, to the East is a housing development. The picture above in the banner is a current picture, the only undeveloped area. It is going to become a new housing area in the near future. In 1896 it was very much country farmland.

As the story develops in this BLOG, keep these pictures in mind where it happened as we examine all the known facts.

About John V Callahan

First let me tell you I am not the same John Callahan from the F.A.A. and a member of the Disclosure Committee. I am writing about historical events that happened in the past. The first is from 117 years ago, about 2 miles from my home. The canal in the header of the front page is very near to the actual site of the alien encounter. Later I will report on UFO sightings in Rio Vista, CA in the 1960
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