Weather Report – Nov 25, 1896

The weather at the time of this event, Wednesday Nov 25 1896,  6:00 p.m., has never been reported in anything I’ve researched In order to further investigate the abduction attempt completely, it is a factor to consider. The followling column was written as it appears in the Stockton Daily
Independent News, Wednesday November 25, 1896:


There Was Plenty More of It Here Yesterday

This section of the country has had an abundance of rain for the time being and yesterday the yellow color of the waterin the channels showed that the rainfall was having an effect on the waters thereof. Morman Channel was up about two and a half feet and the water at the head of the Stockton channel showed about a foot and a half of a rise.
the rainfall of yesterday as registered at the asylum swelled the total for the storm to 1.84 inches, making 2.27 inches for the month and 3.29 inches for the season as against 1.25 inches for the last season. There was a quick rush of waters into the channels and the rise was quick. It is not expected that there will be anything more than a slight rise as it is warm rain in the mountains after a heavy snow that counts with the rivers.
At Linden there was a little rise and at Duncans bridge, above Linden, word was sent that help was wanted to clear away the drift that was piling up against the underpinning of the bridge. That shows that there must to have been quite a rise in the foothills.At San Joaquin bridge the gauge showed 4.2 feet, which is a raise of about 2 feet since the low stage of a week and a half ago.

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First let me tell you I am not the same John Callahan from the F.A.A. and a member of the Disclosure Committee. I am writing about historical events that happened in the past. The first is from 117 years ago, about 2 miles from my home. The canal in the header of the front page is very near to the actual site of the alien encounter. Later I will report on UFO sightings in Rio Vista, CA in the 1960
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