“From the description I give I do not want you to get the idea that these creatures were hideous. In appearance they were markedly the contrary. They were posses of a strange and indescribable beauty. I can express myself in no other way. The were graceful to a degree, and more divinely beautiful than anything I have ever beheld.

“The strangest part of this story is yet to come. It is the lights they carried. Each held in his hand something about the size of a hen’s egg. Upon holding them up and partly opening the hand, these substances emitted the most remarkable, intense and penetrating light one can imagine.
Not with standing its intensity, it had no unpleasant effect upon our eyes and we found we could gaze directly at it. It seemed to me to be some sort of luminous material, though they had complete control of it.

“Finally they became tired of examining us and our horse and buggy, and then one of them, at a signal from one of them who appeared to be the leader, attempted to lift me, probably with the intention of carrying me away. Although I made not the slightest resistance and he could not move me, and finally the three of them tried it without the slightest success. They appeared to have no muscular power outside of being able to move their own limbs

About John V Callahan

First let me tell you I am not the same John Callahan from the F.A.A. and a member of the Disclosure Committee. I am writing about historical events that happened in the past. The first is from 117 years ago, about 2 miles from my home. The canal in the header of the front page is very near to the actual site of the alien encounter. Later I will report on UFO sightings in Rio Vista, CA in the 1960
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